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Welcome Members! You may use this area of iFandom to submit and post your very own advertisements. Simply click on the “Buy Ads Now” button on the bottom to launch the ad purchase form. Fill in the required information such as where you want to display your ad, your ad image and URL, and decide on a payment method based on your needs. Once done click the “Pay Now” button to purchase your ad space via PayPal*.

Once you have made your payment you will receive a confirmation email of your order. We will then review your order and update you as soon as it has been approved for display, usually within 48 hours. For any questions or concerns, use the “Contact Us” form to reach out to us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your message.

Please note that even though anonymous users are allowed to purchase Ad space, only logged in members (those who have created an account) will be able to manage their Ads via the iFandom application. All other users will be notified via email regarding all status updates, accepted or denied requests. Denied requests will be automatically credited via the payment method that was used to purchase the Ad.

*Ensure that your browser URL begins with “https://” and NOT “http://” whenever you enter ANY payment information for your own security. iFandom has applied all reasonable and appropriate security measures to prevent and safeguard the loss, misuse, and change of all information and data with us, including your personal information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for further details.

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